Sunday, February 15, 2009

Road Trips....

Our 14th was nice.. We cooked at home together! A shrimp bisque, Mini Lobster tails, King Crab legs, Filet Mignon and scallop potatoes!! YES a TON of food LOL.. didn't start off that way, just ended up there! So there by candle light we enjoyed our dinner. We saved the left over steak for steak and eggs breakfast. The left over Crab we made a crab sald for dinner tonight =) Oh yea, we enjoyed a small piece of tuxcedo cake of which we shared much later!

On to the title.. We have two road trips in ink on the books... 1st is in two week for the first of March... (My b-day).. We booked a room for Saturday night in Pacific Beach, Ca. (San Diego). It's a hole in the wall but 1/2 a block from the very beach I surfed at when I was a boy (ages ago). We plan on riding the girls down, but if the weather is bad, we will just take the car.. A over nighter JsT to get away ....

On the Arpil... Death Valley is in our sights.. Taking Friday off the 17th we head to Panamint Springs... (Just out side of the park) a mear 230 miles from our house for the first night. The next day we head through Death Valley on to Pahrump, NV. for the last night before heading home on Sunday. Total miles... about 570 miles.. All on the girls! We have upgraded them to carry bags and should be set for short trips. From what I've heard, Death Valley is awesome that time of year, bound to be fun! =))

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pre- 14th!!!

OK being the "sap" I am. I can never miss a chance to send my lover & wife flowers! The 14th of February is a far cry of an excuse LOL... So a co-workers gets this dozen of roses "in a box" on Monday so she can enjoy them all week long. So being the "smart" guy I ask who did her "hubby" use for the flowers.... She tells me and I give them a try.....

So today being the day they are delivered.. I wait for the email from the wife.... The surprise element that I live for.............

BUT.... to my horror They arrived 'all but dead"!!! Can you fucking believe that shit!!! ANYONE remember the commercial played during the super bowl when the flowers in a "BOX" arrived dead?? Well my wife said this looked like that!! OH MY GOD!!!

The company is sending a new set of flowers tomorrow!!! I couldn't help but laugh.. My wife did too.. JUST my luck hahahahah Damn.. Dead flowers on Valentines day! Who would have thought!


Monday, February 9, 2009

A few things

I'll update things as I start over little by little...

First off, I'm still employed by the same company I accepted a position last August. I'ts a good company to work for and I enjoy it. Only I'm still working well under my old salary. BUT we are getting by.... and we are thankful though.... so many have more problems than we do!

My Daughter is still getting married in May. I had the announcements printed at work for FREE :))) That made my daughter very happy. We have a "Shower" coming up... note I said "a" LOL.. Thank God my "x" came to her senses and agreed to only having one shower!! See she didn't want to be in the same room as my WIFE hahahaha.. poor Mom... she just doesn't get it.. My Daughter and Wife have become close!!

And that.. does my heart good =))

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A New Start ..

With the fucked up year of 09 behind us, the wife & I are looking forward to a much better year of 09`! So with that in mind, I thought it best to wipe JsTzznU clean and start with new stories, pictures and of course some HNT (wife permitting lol)

Give me some time to update the blogg list on the right...

Stay tuned =)